stream of thoughts

this is where the short, undeveloped thoughts go. it's to let them out, and let them go.

9 sep 2021. thursday.

gotta write two essays in three days. at least eight thousand words in total. mock exams are right around the corner. i don't like being this stressed.

29 aug 2021. sunday.

i've been neglecting my work. i have so so so so much to do. i wonder if i'll be able to do any of them well, with this impossible time limit i've brought upon myself.

made a list. i think i might be able to finish them in time. not sure about doing them well, but at least finish in time. now i gotta make a plan. i hate making plans.

28 aug 2021. saturday.

i have the tendency to forget about this kind of shit extremely fast. it's gonna be funny if i completely forget this exists lmao.