i made this site so that i could collect things that i found interesting in one place on the internet. i hope that at least some things here will be of interest to a few people. feel free to take a look around.

30 aug 2021. sunday.

added accountability board page. finished a mobile-friendly layout template for future projects. might post it here in the future.

29 aug 2021. sunday.

completely redid the theme. went from pastel purple, to a warm yellow, and now i've stuck with a cyberpunk theme. this one's my favorite so far. let's see how quickly i get bored of it lmao.

28 aug 2021. saturday.

finished building the bare bones of the site. now it's time to figure out what to put in it! i have many ideas, so many that i don't know where to start.

27 aug 2021. friday.

this dumb loser missed half of an important meeting while messing with css and html. on the bright side, there seems to be a theme of some sorts going on, at least. sigh.